K9 Grass

Although the connector bridge project is complete, this information is retained for archival purposes.

September 29, 2011

The Friends of Schuylkill River Park would like to express our deepest appreciation to all Schuylkill River Park users for your patience and understanding during construction of the pedestrian bridge that connects Schuylkill River Park to Schuylkill Banks. This project, managed by the City of Philadelphia via the Streets Department and the Department of Parks & Recreation, is currently on schedule for completion in late 2012. The project will bring a number of enhancements to Schuylkill River Park, including new lighting throughout the Park, an irrigation system, new trees, new shrubs, 2,000 perennials, revitalized turf, new pathways, and an improved and expanded dog run.

As part of the dog run improvements, the Department of Parks & Recreation has decided to apply K9 Grass to the dog run areas. This decision was made through a transparent public process that included several community partners as well as the public at large. K9 Grass is a well-established revolutionary turf constructed from soy (plant based) materials and nylon designed specifically for dogs that has received excellent reviews for durability, safety, and response by our canine friends (they love it!) from the many other dog runs in which it has been used. The turf addresses a number of concerns dog run users have expressed regarding other surface materials, including the dust and paw stress from quarry fines and decomposed granite, the mud and fungal problems from mulch and wood chips, the flea and pooling problems from pebbles, and the inability to grow natural grass in such a heavy use urban park. K9 Grass is cooler than the asphalt and cement dogs walk on during a hot day, drains water to the surface below, does not contain lead or any other heavy metal, is smooth on dogs paws, and is as easy as any other surface to clean. Below are some photos of the dramatic transformation K9 Grass has made to other Dog Runs across the country (more photos available here).


Before K9 Grass


After K9 Grass


We are extremely fortunate to have K9 Grass coming to Schuylkill River Park and would like to use this opportunity to provide the linked packet that Michael DiBerardinis, Parks & Recreation Commissioner, has prepared to address inaccuracies promulgated regarding the product. More information can be obtained from the K9 Grass website, the K9 Grass safety page, and the Schuylkill River Park Dog Run website.

Once again, we appreciate your continued support and are very excited that the Department of Parks and Recreation has decided to provide the best dog run surface available for our canine friends and family members.


The Friends of Schuylkill River Park Board of Directors