Today, we’re on the brink of our biggest dog run makeover yet. In conjunction with the Pedestrian Connector Bridge Project and our partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation, we will be expanding the enclosed dog run area, improving the dog run surface with new K9 grass, and completing additional improvements.  We will be working to provide updates and alerts of project progress to keep you informed.

Please consider becoming a member of the FSRP to help us support ongoing maintenance that ensures the smooth operation of our park. Our partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation helps us organize many vital park functions including: trash collection, mowing, planting, and other essential projects to make the site an enjoyable experience for all. Learn more about how you can become a member to support our efforts and improve your dog run.

Since 1997, the Schuylkill River Park Dog Run has offered thousands of dogs and their owners a shaded, welcome respite from the urban grind – a place for owners to relax, chat, and bond over their adorable canine companions. Every year the Friends of the Schuylkill River Park (FSRP) makes improvements to the run. Over the years we have listened to users and added a water fountain, improved dog run surfaces, replaced park benches, cared for and added trees, and worked to ensure that the park is a safe and welcoming place for all users.

This website also offers important information regarding the rules and regulations of the dog park, including dog vaccination and licensing, in addition to the latest news about the park. Feel free to explore our site and share your feedback. We’re here for you and your dog! To keep informed about dog run events, issues, and projects please join our mailing list. For questions or comments or to have your dog added to the below photos, email us at fsrporg@gmail.com

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